Jambalaya done right: The Jambalaya Shoppe (Laplace) prepares for greater impact in year 2

Challenges continue for some restaurants though as they make their money with the tables filled to capacity. With Phase 1, only 25 percent of customers will be allowed to dine in.

“We are hoping those people are still willing to come in and not walk away because we can only allow so many in at a certain amount of time,” Manager Kayla Lathers said.

For the Jambalaya Shoppe, with 70 seats, that means between 14-17 customers will be allowed in at a time.

Parish leaders and the restaurant workers are thanking customers and constituents for bearing with them during the outbreak.

“We appreciate all of our loyal customers that came through drive-thru, and we totally appreciate it and can’t wait for them to come in and dine with us,” Lathers said.

The Ascension Chamber of Commerce released the following statement.

“Ascension Parish businesses, especially those completely shutdown by the stay-at-home order, are excited to see their businesses reopen, even at a limited basis, because they understand it is the first step towards a full recovery. But, what is just as important to these business owners is their ability to reopen safely and in compliance with all state regulations and guidelines. At this time, more than ever, the need for clear and consistent information and directives on the Phase 1 reopening being provided to our local business communities cannot be stressed enough. A successful Phase 1 reopening will mean a healthier community and quick transition into a Phase II reopening,” Barker Dirman said.