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Dropping Off Meat

The Jambalaya Shoppe Smokehouse is no longer officially open to the public, so just call and make an appointment. There is a 10-pound minimum on deer meat that you bring to us for processing. Your products will be made from your own deer meat.

Weekends we are closed (no dropoffs* on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). We like to hunt like you do! Don't worry, if you have deer ready on one of those days, just put it in an ice chest with plenty of ice and keep it there until we are open; then come to the Smokehouse and we'll take care of it. Deer will keep for 14 days after being killed, if it is properly iced and rotated so that the blood is periodically drained out. Blood will make your meat go bad more quickly!

*Please do not drop off meat unattended unless you have personally made special arrangements with us.

Meat Standards

We shoot for quality of your products, not quantity. Ideally, meat should be left in big chunks and rinsed thoroughly. Bring your deer in four quarters.

Deer meat must be prepped: cleaned, deboned, visible fat removed, and all foreign debris (hair, dirt, guts, bugs, etc.) removed. Otherwise, there will be a prep fee that is currently $55.00 (subject to change). But if you clean and debone your deer before bringing it to us, the prep fee is waived.
If you don’t mind debris in your products, please find someone else to make it.

Minor cleaning will not be charged. Jambalaya Shoppe Smokehouse will handle the cubing, removal of interior fat & glands, and will bleed the meat - but again, please drain the blood and keep plenty of ice on the meat until we receive it at the Smokehouse.

All products made are 50% Deer and 50% Pork - we use premium pork from the front shoulder of the pig.

All products will be vacuum packed & labeled with your name, type of sausage, & date. The backstrap and tenderloin will be vacuum packed for a charge.

Important Note

Making sausage for the Jambalaya Shoppes is our first primary activity - not deer processing for hunters. So, depending on our workload, your deer may not be given the first priority. But rest assured that it will be taken care of in a quality manner and delivered to you as soon as we can reasonably get to it. Thank you for your patience.


Joe brings 30 lbs. of deer (prepped), which is added to 30 lbs of pork (Boston butt) for a total of 60 lbs of meat before processing. (Smoked products lose approx. 15% of their original weight.)
Joe wants:
1/3 (20 lbs. before processing) of regular smoked sausage
1/3 (20 lbs. before processing) of smoked sausage w/ green onions
1/3 (20 lbs. before processing) of smoked sausage w/ cheese, jalapenos & green onions

20 lbs. regular smoked sausage @ $3.50/lb = $70.00
20 lbs. smoked sausage w/ green onions @ $3.75/lb = $75.00
20 lbs. smoked sausage w/ cheese, jalapenos & green onions @ $4.00/lb = $80.00
Joe’s total for the processed sausages: $225.00

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
Thank you for choosing the Jambalaya Shoppe Smokehouse.
All prices are subject to change without notice.


Meat Type and Price Per Pound

Regular Smoked Deer Sausage


Smoked Deer Sausage w/ Green Onions


Smoked Deer sausage w/ Cheese, Jalapenos,
& Green Onions


Fresh Deer Sausage*


Fresh Deer Sausage w/ Green Onions*


Fresh Deer Sausage w/ Jalapenos*


Fresh Deer Sausage Italian*


Ground Meat 50/50 Deer & Pork


Ground Deer


*Note: Fresh Sausage will be frozen then vacuum packaged.

We can vacuum pack your back strap at a cost of $5.00 per deer when we process your deer. You must indicate on our form that you wish this done or it will be ground with the rest of the deer.


We can cater jambalaya! There is a 500-serving minimum.
If you need less jambalaya than this, please check out one of the other stores.